Sunday, April 22, 2012

Estes Park


I thought that seeing the mouintains would be amazing, but I never thought it would be THIS amazing.

Since we drove through the night we got to see the sun come up over the mountains.

Jared woke me up and said "look outside!" And there they finally were! Snow covered mountains!

I couldn't stop staring for hours. I was taking a million pictures like the biggest tourist dork. I was glad people couldn't see me.

We got into town around 6:30am and thankfully were able to get a very early check in.

Jared was snoring with seconds. I guess even Estes Park can't fix that problem :)

We got up for the day and got a late breakfast at the Egg and I, it was pretty delicious.

We were only supposed to go walk around town BUT we decided to go check out Rocky Mountain National Park....

There was only one problem, I was wearing heels. Ugh!

We spent a few hours driving around and got out to take some beautiful pictures, but I have blisters from my very cute ankle booties lol.

Today we are going back and I am DEFINITELY going to be prepared this time!

After the park we walked around town and looked at all of the cute little shops.

Dinner was at Poppy's. Had really great pizza there and a local raspberry wheat beer. That was yummy!

We couldn't help but notice that everyone is so friendly here!! It makes people from Iowa look like real jerks.

I'm excited to go exploring the park some more today, in tennis shoes :)

Thanks for reading, have you ever been here?


On the road for our 12 hour road trip!

The view from the car right as the sun was going down.

THIS is what Jared woke me up to!

This is right behind our cabin. The water is freezing!

See my pretty shoes? lol

There are elk everywhere! This one was just a few feet from the car. They don't seem to be afraid of people at all.

I was holding my breath here... It is very high up! I made Jared come back down to get me :)

I loved Jared's white shirt and blue jeans in these pictures. They just pop!

Our sweet baby... I miss her so much!!!!!!!


Kristin said...

I am planning a road trip at the end of the year. Your pictures are very pretty, and I love those shoes!!

Isobel said...

Just found you on Blogging Buddies - and will be following you, and hope you'll fulfill your promise to do the same to me. Loved your trip - it's great seeing the animals/scenery, isn't it? Used to quilt myself, until the toys at took over - and you can comment, follow and read about them at when you get home. Special hug to that adorable litle girl, too!

lorenabr said...

The area looked nice! Did not hat a road trip in a while now!

I have a cool fashionable endless card in my GIVEAWAY! Feel free to enter!
Good luck!

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