Monday, June 11, 2012

My Fitness Goals

So Jared helped me put some fitness goals together!

If you read my blog post yesterday you know I ran steps and did kickboxing the night before mixed in with sprawls. Today my abs ache in such a good way.

Jared has some videos I've been watching that will help me get more workout ideas as well as make sure that my technique is correct. The video is by Steve Cotter and it's called "Encyclopedia of Body Weight Conditioning." It's obviously all about doing doing arm, leg, and core exercises that don't require equipment. There are 3 DVDs, 4 hours of video with over 160 exercises.

Obiously making sure we eat well is a part of that goal.

All of the goals (unless otherwise noted) are to be done by August 1st.

  • weight 140 lbs. (Lose about 5 pounds, I'm 5'9")
  • be able to do a pull-up
  • run the Bix July 2013
  • run a mile under 9 minutes
  • do 20 push ups
  • do 20 tire flips (tire is about 130 lbs.)
  • have proper technique
  • do 20 burpees
  • work on my flexibility-do a scorpion
  • do a standing abdominal slide
Can you think of any other goals I should have?


Elvira said...

I can do a scorpion now! Yay!

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