Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Puppy!

We have been searching for the perfect dog for us for a few months now and found her!

Meet Mila!

She is a 6 week old German Shepherd puppy. She's black and silver.

The poor thing has already had a pretty awful life. The people that had her had already separated her from her mommy weeks ago. She had no litter mates left. The mom was tied up outside by a garage.

We took Mila to the vet and she had hookworms and roundworms. She was also infested with fleas. The vet gave her medicine and she is much better now.

She is getting crate trained and is doing really well with that. Just a few accidents in the house and none in her crate.

If you guys have ever had a German Shepherd you know that they are called "land sharks" when they are babies. They constantly bite and chew on everything, especially your hands and feet!

Can't wait for her to be done with that stage!

We have tried lots of different things to help with that:

  • redirecting to toys
  • yelping or saying ouch
  • saying no
  • taking her outside to play
  • letting her take a nap in her crate
For her toys and going outside work the best! We are also going to get some bitter apple spray and see how she responds to that. 

How have you guys dealt with a biting puppy? Have you ever had a German Shepherd before?

Oh and Chloe just loves her and giggles when she sees her!


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