Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Welcome to my blog!


I'm so excited that I started one...I've been reading soooo many other wonderful people's blogs and I'm always thinking "hey.... I could do that!" YAY! Can you tell I'm excited? :)

So... what am I going to write about? As you can see from my previous (and first) post... I'm a mommy. I am a SAHM to a sweet baby girl, Chloe. She was born in September of 2011. We spend all day cuddling and having a blast. People are always asking me "what I do all day" and I just smile. I get to watch my munchkin grow and learn new things every day. I even love her when she's incredibly crabby. :)

Of course, none of that would be possible with the love of my life, Jared. He's a ginger. Thankfully... Chloe is not. Jared is the sweetest man you could ever meet. I always describe him as that super amazing guy in a romantic-comedy movie that is made up. Well Jared is just like that. I could never have survived my pregnancy without him!

We are getting married in Estes Park on April 23rd. We are leaving Chloe with his mom and dad for a week! Oh my goodness. I'm going to miss her so much but it would seem so weird to bring a baby to a honeymoon! :) Yeah we did things a little backwards, and I love it.

As you can see I'm pretty obsessed with these two people in my life. They will always come first.

My other loves are quilting and cooking. I have a shop on Etsy with baby quilts. I started  it when I was very sick and pregnant with Chloe. It was something I could do and not leave the house between throwing up 15 times a day or so. I LOVE it!

Oh how I love to cook and bake! I always say I'm going to own a restaurant some day. That would be amazing. In the mean time I'm know for making delicious dinners for my family and friends. Their favorites are my homemade pizza, enchiladas, chicken parm, and Croatian food.

Oh yeah... I'm Croatian. I moved here in 1999 with my family. I have so much family back in Croatia that I miss every day. My parents are divorced and they sound like Russians! I dropped that crazy thick accent years ago!

I would love to write some more, but Chloe is in need of some kisses.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. Please leave me a comment so I can get to know you as well!



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